Portable Ultimate Ears BOOM Bluetooth Speaker with Digital Sound

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UE BOOM Bluetooth Speaker is designed for music on the go. Every one of us has the passion for music irrespective of age, gender or community. And I’m sure every household has a kind of audio system in today’s world. Our taste of music might differ, but we all need and have to rely on audio or visual sound system to sing along and enjoy our favorite playlists. Everywhere we go, we find music. It has become a part of our life. From sunrise till dawn, from party to any celebration; music plays its own important role. Simply put, life will be dull and boring without the art of music. I believe many people will agree when I say ‘Music is the only art that can connect, bind and sooth our soul, body and mind’.


All of us are aware of the growing popularity and demand of wireless Bluetooth speaker at the current market. The traditional and usual home theater and bigger size woofer audio system gives us the perfect sound quality. But being big and not transportable or favourable for outdoor use, we sought for compact design that can give high definition sound. The answer is wireless Bluetooth speaker. The rapid advancing modern world will soon find a way to defeat the word ‘impossible’ in the near future. The skillfully and technically developed mini Bluetooth speaker will be a priceless possession for music lovers. This wireless Bluetooth speaker produces undistorted stereo audio sound and immersive bass that will surely amaze you. With such an exceptional sound quality and on top of that being portable, which allows you to take it with you everywhere you go, what more would you ask for?

Having said that, here is my unbiased review on one of the hot selling Bluetooth speaker Ultimate Ears  BOOM. Read below and see its many attractive features and find out whether this model will suit you or not.


Killer Features of Ultimate Ears BOOM Speaker

Ultimate Ears BOOM Wireless Speaker is here to redefine music with its upgraded stereo sound and unmatched features. When we look for a speaker system, the first thing that we focus and check is the sound quality. In this department, UE BOOM will never disappoint you. With 2 inbuilt 1.5”, 4 ohm powerful Drivers alongside two 2” Passive Radiator, it delivers loud and warm sound with impressive bass. It is thoughtfully designed that it emits 360 degree sound from all angle to fill any room or atmosphere with music. Other top feature of UE BOOM is the water and stain resistant design. This wireless speaker is finished with acoustic and plasma coating for life-resistant that you have ease of mind may it shine or rain. The stain resistant design will retain the new look and extend its durability.

Bluetooth connectivity operates at its best with up to 50 feet away wireless uninterrupted connection for high definition stereo sound. With the UE BOOM app, you can choose and switch songs; pair up to 8 Bluetooth enabled devices at once and most interestingly wirelessly connects two UE BOOM speaker and BOOM the party whole night. The app is available at App Store or Google play. It also supports NFC for NFC enabled device. It even comes with a USB port for connection without Bluetooth and for smart charging.

The battery life is highly recommendable as it gives endless music of up to 15 hours playtime. The powerful lithium-ion battery recharges fully within 3 hours. The battery is included in the package and even when the battery is drained, you will be still able to play music with the charger connected. With this kind of battery backup and the versatility design, music will follow your every footstep.

Why Many People Choose Ultimate Ears Bluetooth Speaker

It’s not a surprise why many people choose UE Boom Speaker, with the following many great features on offer. The following points will answer all your query and let you know ins and outs of UE Bluetooth Speaker.

  • Designed for high durability with acoustic skin and plasma coating that makes it water resistant and stain resistant; let the music play rain or shine.
  • Everywhere usage design, portable and tough finish for both indoor and outdoor use.
  • BOOM the night and make more noise with the 360 degree speaker that plays music from all angle, that fills any atmosphere with warm music.
  • Rich and warm digital audio sound quality through 2 built-in Drivers and 2 Passive Radiators; perfect sound for all kind of music genres.
  • Best wireless Bluetooth connection with connectivity up to 50 feet away, connects up to 8 devices at a time, NFC pairing for supported device.
  • UE BOOM app for download from Google play and App Store for pairing 2 UE Boom speaker to make more noise, share songs, switch or select songs, take calls, adjust volume, etc.
  • Reliable lithium ion battery for endless music that runs up to 15 hours, recharges quickly and replaceable battery.
  • Other extra important features like USB connection and USB charging port, 3.5 mm audio jack, speakerphone.
  • This speaker that plays true music and gives best sound is available at an affordable price.
  • Available in many different attractive colors.
  • Product dimension is 2.7 x 2.7 x 7.1 inches, 1.2 pounds.

How users are ranking UE BOOM with other competitors

The increasing popularity and high demand of mini Bluetooth speaker has made many developers to produce numerous models of portable Bluetooth speaker. The competition has now become tough as people are looking for quality and not quantity. It has become a not so easy task to choose a Bluetooth speaker today because of the many models available and not excluding our different taste. Like I said our choice may differ, but out of the more than 1500 customer reviews that we see on Amazon, more than 90 percent give  5 or 4 star rating. What the users commend highly is the digital audio sound quality and the 15 hours battery life. With this powerful battery along with outstanding battery life, music plays where you go. The 2 Drivers emit rich loud sound and the 2 Radiators produce warm effective bass. The audio sound is undistorted and is pleasant to your ears.

The water resistant and stain resistant design is another desired feature of UE Boom. Many electronic products can be easily spoilt by water. Taking into consideration this ugly factor, UE BOOM is designed to end this and give you peace of mind. However you must remember it is water resistant speaker and NOT WATERPROOF (not submersible in water). It is also finished in stain resistant coating so that your favorite unit may appear shiny and flawless for a long time. The wireless connection works seamlessly and connects easily up to 50 feet through Bluetooth and NFC. I happen to notice that this UE BOOM speaker has an exclusive UE Boom app that you can download from Google play, through which you can perform many tasks. For UE BOOM Bluetooth speaker users, the made in USA original cover Molded Hardshell Case for UE Boom Speaker is a useful item. When you go outdoors, the speaker will fit in perfectly in this cover and protect your speaker, it has molded button indicators and cut-outs for all the ports and plug-ins and the audio sound remains as it is.

If you are still not satisfied or are still confused to make your choice, you can check out other close rivals of UE Boom. Other competitors of UE BOOM at the same price range include Bose SoundLink Mini Bluetooth Speaker, JBL Charge Portable Indoor/Outdoor Bluetooth Speaker, Creative Sound Blaster Roar Bluetooth and NFC Wireless Speaker. All of these wireless Bluetooth speakers are available at Amazon at an affordable price.

The Science of Musical Acoustics

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Most musicians who work with sound are usually not concerned about understanding the nature of sound. Precision, as far as I know comes from a sound knowledge as well as the art in the making. It is advisable for the artist to have a good technical as well as acoustic knowhow when working with music. The successful artists we know were able to produce the musical refinement in their records probably because they were aware of the physics of sound called the acoustics. Know more about acoustics.

Musical acoustic obviously is the musician’s line of interest among the acoustics. And that’s what we are here to talk about, because, not only is it’s understanding crucial in the use of studio equipments and music software but also in deriving strategies for novel compositions. A composer is in fact expected to have an understanding of acoustics as Musical Acousticwell as psychoacoustics, so he can incorporate the study of musical instruments with the study of human vocal as well as human aural or musical perception. Musical acoustics is the part of acoustics that deals with the laws governing the generation as well as transmission of sound from a musical instrument. It is a science of objective laws dealing with the performance and perception of music by a listener.

Another primary study in musical acoustics is the study of how musical instruments produce sound. It usually classifies instruments according to the kind of vibrator, into percussion instruments, string instruments and wind instruments. Much progress has been made in recent times about the understanding about vibrations in musical instruments, with the help of new methods like holographic interferometry. It is also concerned with the kind of design that musical instruments need to be constructed. Musical systems, dissonance and consonance, and musical temperament are other concerns of musical acoustics.

acoustic musical

Musical acousticians study phenomena of musical sounds such as loudness, timbre, duration and pitch which is indeed a valuable knowledge for a composer. From measuring sound pressure level (in decibels) at diverse frequencies, acousticians can calculate subjective loudness, which will describe the sensation of loudness perceived by a normal listener. Musicians usually prefer to make use of dynamic range of frequencies.

Another focus is regarding combination tones in the perception of music. When two close tones (close in frequency) are sounded together, beats are generally heard, at a rate equal to their frequency difference. And when it exceeds a certain frequency difference, the beat sensation gets replaced by a roughness and furthermore, two distinct tones. I happened to notice the phenomena accidentally when I was listening to some of my friend’s compositions on my portable Bluetooth speaker while on a lonely journey back to town.

Interestingly, musical acoustic acknowledges the laws of art which is reflected in the laws of music and how they have influenced its evolution. As mentioned earlier, the data and application of physical acoustic is closely linked with the architectural part of acoustics, the physiology of hearing, the psychology of perception and the human voice. Thus, explaining many phenomena relating to instrumentation and harmony.

Earlier conceived as an essential branch of music theory by ancient musicians and philosophers, the scope of musical acoustics has extended considerably in the 20th century. Musical acoustic has aided much on the development of acoustic problems of recording studios and radio as well as stereophonic recording of sound and reproduction. Well, acoustic music is on the rise; almost every song nowadays have an acoustic cover.

Creative Sound Blaster Roar: Bluetooth Speaker with 5 Drivers, Built-in Subwoofer

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This small compact design Bluetooth speaker will amaze with its clear and high definition sound. ‘Blaster Roar, 5 Drivers Built-in Subwoofer’ as the name suggest, will let you move and shake to the rhythm of the music setting up a great environment wherever you are. The ultra clarity of sound along with the passive bass is perfect for playing any kinds of music whether it be pop, rock, jazz, country and what not. The 5 powerful drivers along with the subwoofer are beautifully packed in a compact design for added convenience. As one of the leading developer in audio for computer or digital systems, Creative Sound does not disappoint its user with this model. Rather, it is a popular and hot selling unit that outshines other competitors at its price range. This small yet powerful speaker has many features in store for you.

creative-roarSound is not compromised as this bi-amplified design has a pair of 1.5” Drivers along with active 3” High Excursive Power that delivers impressive bass and undistorted sound quality. Music will never leave you as you can take it with you all the time and listen to your favorite songs whenever you want. This portability design is a big bonus as it allows you to use it indoors and outdoors. This model have a built-in features like ROAR audio enhancement mode, Bed time listening mode, TeraBASS and more for comfort.

Other additional important features like voice recorder, alarm, speaker phone, built-in MP3 Player, battery bank, AUX in, USB port, micro SD slot, etc made this model a desirable product. It supports a rechargeable lithium-ion battery that runs up to 8 hours. The HD Bluetooth connection allows high quality Bluetooth audio and supports NFC technology one touch pairing. It will technically pair with any Bluetooth enabled devices whether it is tablet, laptop or phone running in android, iOS, windows operating system. This portable speaker weighs only 2.7 pounds and its dimension is 8 x 4.5 x 2.2 inches.


Killer Features of Creative Sound Blaster ROAR

The following points are the key reason why Sound Blaster Roar is a good model that you can choose. Take a look at its ONLY amazing features and specs.

  • Compact design with dual powerful drivers and a built-in sub-woofer for clear sound and low bass.
  • HD Bluetooth for more stable connectivity powered by NFC technology.
  • Press and go button like Bedtime listening mode, Roar audio mode, Tera BASS and more.
  • Powerful lithium ion battery that fully recharges within three or less hours and runs up to 8 hours.
  • Offers other important features like recording function, speaker phone, alarm, etc.
  • Has a USB cable plug in, micro SD card slot and built-in mp3 player.
  • Affordable cheap price with sound quality that beats costlier units.

Music Everywhere You Go

This can be a new way to spice up your life and live life a little more entertaining and interesting. It is an accepted fact that Music plays an important role in our life. It can be a useful unit when you have a party or a gathering in your house or at your backyard. Well, I love to play roaring music while cooking. Backyard cooking is fun and it has been my backyard cooking assistance ever since I bought it.

Even when you step out of doors, you can have all your favourite music with you all the time. The average 8 hours backup battery will give you endless music. Even when you run out of battery, you can still play your music with the charger plugged in. It is a must have unit for those music lovers.


Another reason why many customers go for this model is also because of the price tag. Comparing the price and the features it offers, it is the best deal you can get. You will find many of the users and reviewers mentioning and praising the sound quality of this model. Many of them praise highly and ranks it higher that models of higher price range. Whatever extra features it offers, the better and clearer sound quality is what differentiates other from this speaker.

Shower Speakers For Your Acoustic Music

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Musical instruments, devices and gadgets are increasingly popular in today’s generation. Lovers of music find it very easy and convenient to listen to any kind of music anytime anywhere with the introduction of portable Bluetooth speakers.

There are different types of Bluetooth speakers such as, Mini Bluetooth speakers, Waterproof or Water Resistant Bluetooth speakers, Shower Bluetooth speaker, and Outdoor Bluetooth speaker etc.
Bluetooth and NFC technology have boosted music listening experience to greater heights. With the development of such technologies, you can now listen to music wirelessly without tangling cables and wires around you, Enjoying your Acoustic music on the go.

Some of the Most Reliable Shower Speakers include:

There are list of wireless Bluetooth speakers produced by various Brands in the world. However, the below shortlisted are some of the best Shower Bluetooth speakers for those who love listening to music while taking a refreshing shower.

Taotronics Bluetooth Speaker


The Taotronics wireless speaker is a water resistant Bluetooth speaker with an IP rating of IPX4. Being a water resistant speaker, you don’t have to worry even if splashes of water fall on it, as long as you don’t deep the speaker in the water.

It has a suction cup on the back for firmly sticking to the wall. It will easily attach to any surface without any trouble. When the battery is fully charged, you will be able to listen to your favorite music for about five to six hours continuously. It has the capacity for 500 mAh. It will hardly take 2 hours to recharge the battery fully.

This speaker is easily compatible with any Bluetooth enabled devices such as your Smartphone, tablet, iPod and laptop. The sound quality is fantastic; it will deliver clear and crisp sound without much distortion even when played at the highest volume. Being small and light weight in design you can also carry with you wherever you go. It can also be used for indoor and outdoor purposes.

Omaker M4 Portable Bluetooth Speaker


The dimensions of this speaker are 1.8 inches x 3.2 inches x 3.2 inches. It weighs about 8.2 ounces only. It has a rugged square design. The portability and flexibility of this speaker is what attracted music lovers. The Omaker wireless speaker has an IP rating of IP54, making it water resistant or splash proof, shockproof, and dustproof speaker.

The battery life of this speaker is worth mentioning. It will comfortably last for about 6 to 7 hours of music playback. The quality of sound is remarkable even at low, mid and high volume. It will deliver amazing sound of music without any compromise. You can listen to any music of your choice at a touch of a button.
This speaker is well equipped with both Bluetooth and NFC technology for pairing with other compatible musical devices and gadgets for listening music wirelessly. Connecting with Bluetooth enabled devices is quick and instant.

Mooi Tech Bluetooth Speaker


The Mooi Tech wireless speaker is a dust proof, shock proof, splash proof and water-resistant speaker. It is IP65 certified, so it can withstand 6.3mm nozzle water projection making it safe to use as a shower speaker or outdoor speaker.

You can also use this speaker for any indoor entertainment and outdoor adventures, depending on your needs and requirement.

This Bluetooth speaker will enable you to listen to your favorite artist for more than 6 hours enjoyably. The wireless connectivity range is about 35 feet away from the speaker. It’s compatible for playing music with any Bluetooth enabled devices such as your Smartphone. The Mooi Tech Bluetooth speaker will deliver clear and crisp sound, along with an immersive bass, making it exceptionally pleasing to listen to your favorite music.

There are various other Brands that manufacture Bluetooth speakers that are mostly used for listening music. They are cool and trendy but if you like really loud music at home we suggest to checkout Zu Essence speakers. They are loud and awesome!

Acoustic Music; A Renewed Art that Breathes Acoustic

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Although acoustic music is rising in popularity and it is one of the most sought after form of music, not everyone knows about how acoustic music is really played or produced. Almost every song has an acoustic cover.

Firstly, we will talk about how it is different from other sorts of music.

Acoustic Instruments

Acoustic Instruments

Acoustic music instruments differ from those of other forms. For example, acoustic guitars are essentially made of wood and not metal. Unlike electric guitars, acoustic ones have amplifiers but not attached to the instrument. Usually amplified by a microphone or a pickup which is placed in front of the instrument, it produces genuine sound without any distortion. Famous brands like Martin, and Taylor are known for acoustic guitars and electric guitars.

Secondly, the primary acoustic instruments consist of Strings, Bars and membranes. Wind instruments like reeds and pipes are also important. These instruments are usually customized to upgrade the sound quality it produces. We probably owe the professional artisans who make the finest instruments for the excellence in acoustic music.

Thirdly, let’s talk about the amplifiers.

In acoustic music, amplifiers or speakers are vital in sound production. The clarity or rather the originality of the sound in acoustic music in fact depends on the refinement of the amplifiers. Studio amplifiers are the ideal amplifiers almost indispensable in acoustic music production. It should certainly be tricky, finding amplifiers of premium quality or rather the perfect amplifier.

Acoustic music is a well acclaimed form of music which many feel attached to, because of the authenticity that the music derives from the artist’s personality. In other words, we can say that acoustic music can personalize a song by the uniqueness of the artists’ musical instruments that is permitted in acoustics; its perfections as well as its flaw. Call it the artists’ pure invention, every flaw in his feeling reflected in his music. The artists have every liberty to portray their weakness as well as their specialty. That is, I think, what makes the acoustics special.

Besides, acoustic instruments are more dynamic than any other. Acoustic instruments can fit any kind of music genre. Needless to say acoustic music embraces only instruments that solely produce sound through acoustic means. Artists who are interested in the acoustics are now excelling in artistry. Some of the top acoustic tracks are as follows:

  • Such great height- Iron and wineacoustic
  • Hey – Backseat Goodbye
  • screaming infidelities – Dashboard confessional
  • About a girl – The Academy is
  • I will follow you into the dark – Death Cab for Cutie
  • Wonder wall – Oasis
  • Bruised – Jack’s Mannequin
  • She doesn’t get it – The Format

Presently, acoustic music is supposedly one of the well-liked forms of music. Popular singers and musicians use acoustic instruments in their song. Acoustic songs and remixes are valued for the acoustic beauty; originality of sound and music. Most of the older songs and musical compositions that have been regarded as classic legacies are all acoustics. Lucidity and originality of style is of course what characterizes the acoustic art.

Music Lover’s Favorite Choice Of A Wireless Bluetooth Speaker

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How often and how long to you normally listen to music? Individual’s interest and taste of music will surely differ from one another, though there’s a common interest for music. Lovers of music around the world are fond of listening to different types of music genres such as pop music, country music, rock music and jazz etc. However, there are some musicians who are confined to just one style of music.

There are people who listen to music when they are free and at home, while there are many others who wish to listen to music wherever they are. Today, with the advancement of technology, you have to freedom and privilege to listen to music at home or while on the move.

Listen to music wherever you are and wherever you go. The wireless Bluetooth speaker gives you the convenience, flexibility and the pleasure of it. No doubt, there are varieties of portable Bluetooth speaker available in the market. However, the below mentioned model is one of the most favorite speaker.

Fugo Speakers

Fugo Speakers

The FUGOO Tough Waterproof Bluetooth Speaker Model No. F6TFKS01

This portable wireless speaker is compact, tough and rugged in design. The solid body adds value to its durability. This speaker is mud proof, snow proof, shock proof and fully waterproof, with an IP rating of 67. It’s perfect for any outdoor adventures such as hiking, camping, mountain climbing, river rafting and for a pool site fun.

With Fugoo portable Bluetooth speaker you don’t have to worry about recharging the battery. When the battery is fully charged, you will be able to listen to your favorite music for about 40 hours. Which is fantastic, you will hardly find such a unique speaker, with long lasting battery backup.

No matter where you are, connectivity and pairing with other compatible devices such as your Smartphone, tablet and laptop with Bluetooth features will never be a problem. It will easy connect upto 33 feet away from the speaker. The speaker is fully equipped with six custom designed acoustic drivers. There are two mid-woofers, two bass drivers and 2 tweeters. This helps in producing amazing sound of music without distortion. This speaker delivers 360 degree sound, since it has inbuilt speakers on all sides. So, you will have no difficulty in listening to music from any directions.


There are many other features and advantages about this speaker. Click the link below and read the entire review and other related articles on mini Bluetooth speakers. thunderingsound.c*m/fugoo-tough/

Musicians and singers are never behind in upgrading the most innovative musical instruments and gadgets inorder to boost their music for better. So is with same with the music lovers, in adopting new devices and gadgets to enjoy the comfort and pleasure of listening music. Shower speakers are also very popular this days and get more details here.

It may be the best or the most favorite speaker for others, but if that’s not your taste or not the kind of speaker that you are looking for, it will not make any sense to you. So, enjoy your freedom of choice and continue listening to your favorite music, with your choicest Bluetooth speaker.

Braven BRV-X Review

The Life of Michael Jackson- ‘The King of Pop’

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The news of the untimely death of Michael Jackson, popularly known as ‘King of Pop’, was a shock and outpouring of grief worldwide. It was the year 2009, Jackson was all set for a series of comeback concerts with the title ‘This Is It’, his first major concert after 1997. Millions of tickets were sold out just within few hours, and the world was waiting with excitement and speculations, ready to witness yet another great music event. All the tickets for the concerts were sold out and when he was just few weeks due of kicking off his ‘last curtain call’, the news of his death broke out on June 25, 2009. He died of cardiac arrest and we are deprived of witnessing what would have been the greatest concerts of all time.

michael-jacksonThe first thing that strikes my mind when I think about Michael Jackson are his famous dance moves- moonwalk and robot, and the distinctive voice and style of singing. Well, as a child I also think where he got his Men’s electric shaver 🙂 for his clean shave and actually end up looking for head shaving tips on internet. Watching his concerts and live performances are just mesmerizing. Watching his live concerts in my home theater audio sound system always made my feet tap. He always gave his best on stage and always tried his best for the satisfaction of the audience. He has his own unique and rich stage presentation, best choreography, complicated dance moves, distinctive music instruments combination, etc., which made his concerts all the more appealing and entertaining.

He earned the title ‘King of Pop’ because of his never ending contribution to pop music throughout his music career and transforming the art of music videos to a new level, paving the way and setting the trend for modern pop music to follow.

Early Lives

Born on 29th of August 1958 in Gary Indiana, Michael Joseph Jackson was the eighth child of Joseph Walter Jackson and Katherine Esther Scruse. His father and mother themselves are musicians. His father played a guitar for a local band and his mother can play the piano and clarinet. At the young age of 7-8, Jackson joined the band ‘Jackson Brothers’, formed by his father and brothers, as a backup musician. By 1966, the name of the band was changed into ‘Jackson5’ and Jackson had already started sharing the lead vocal. The Jackson 5 rose to popularity after winning a major local talent show in the year 1967, after which they toured Midwest and East coast and performed on several clubs, lounges, etc. The group signed a contract with a record label and produces hits like Big Boy (1968), I Want You Back (1969), I’ll Be There and The Love You Save (1970), which were hits and rose to number one on Billboard Hot 100.


In the year 1972, Jackson decided to move forward and pursue his solo career while simultaneously working with the Jackson 5. In between 1972 to 1975, he produced 4 solo studio albums: Got To Be There in 1972, Ben also in 1972, Music and Me in 1973 and Forever Michael in 1975, which were all successful.


Heydays of His Career

Michael Jackson tasted his first major solo album success with the production of ‘Off the Wall’ in 1979. Through this album, he established himself as a solo performer. 20 million copies of this album were sold worldwide and it was the first ‘solo album’ where four hits made the top 10 list in United States. Songs like ‘Don’t Stop ‘till You Get Enough’, Off The Wall, Rock With You, She’s Out Of My Life are hits and earned him many prestigious awards including Grammy, Billboard, American Music Awards, as well as commercially successful.

In the year 1982, Michael Jackson earned more fame and success with the release of ‘Thriller’. It earned him seven Grammy Awards, eight American Music Awards, and several other awards. His album ‘Thriller’ can be said as the most successful album in his career. The album sold 65 million copies and it was the best selling album in 1983 worldwide. It was also the all time best selling album in United States and all time best selling album worldwide. Popular and favorite songs from this album are like Billie Jean, Wanna Be Startin’ Somethin’, Beat It.

The year 1983 is also worth mentioning. On March 25, 1983, Jackson reunited with his brothers and gave a live performance for Motown 25: Yesterday Today Forever. On that show, Jackson performed his hit Billie Jean and took the stage by storm with his signature moonwalk dance move.

Michael Jackson donated a handsome amount of money to several charity organizations throughout his career and for his humanitarian work, he was awarded by Ronald Reagan, the then US president on May 14 1984. The release of ‘We are the World’ in 1985 to aid the poor, living in Africa and United States was a success and the best selling singles of all time.

‘Bad’ is his album released in the year 1987. This album did not beat the success and records of his previous album Thriller, but is very successful in its own terms. Bad won him many awards and was sold 30 to 45 million copies worldwide. This album include hit songs like Bad, I Can’t Stop Loving You, The Way You Make Me Feel, Dirty Diana, Man In The Mirror which were hits and topped the Billboard chart.

Another album ‘Dangerous’ was released in 1991. Popular songs from this album are like ‘Black or White’, ‘Heal The World’, Remember the Time’ were hits around the world and also topped the Billboard chart for weeks. This album also won him several awards.

Other notable and highly successful albums of Michael Jackson in the Following years include HIStory in 1995, Blood on the Dance Floor in 1997, and Invincible in 2001.

Marriage and Fatherhood

michael-jackson-kidsMichael Jackson married his first wife Lisa Marie Presley in the year 1994 and divorced after two years. Then, in 1996, he married his second wife Deborah Jeanne Rowe. His second marriage gave him two children- Michael Joseph Jackson Jr born on 13th Feb 1997 and Paris-Michael Katherine Jackson born on April 3 1998. His third son Prince Michael Jackson II was born on Feb 21 2002 by an unnamed mother.

Michael Jackson was truly a legend and an icon that young artists looked up to. He was an American singer, song-writer, dancer, producer, and an actor. He was one of the artists with the most laurels and awards in music history who paved the way for younger musicians and singers.

Acoustic Wind Instruments

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wind_instrumentsWind instruments, don’t they remind of reeds and flutes, some of the most ancient musical instruments. They are typically pipe-like and are sweet to the ears. The originality of sound and sweetness of tone certainly would censure them among the acoustics. But let us not assume that acoustic music is entirely about vintage, it’s also about creativity. It could certainly be considered an upgrade from folk music.

Well, to start with, acoustic musical instruments are usually made of wood and sometimes brass.

First up, the indigenous woodwinds like flute and reeds have resonators in tube-shaped and the driving mechanism in a valve that modulates the air flow. According to the length of the pipe, the resonant frequency responds in harmonics. Woodwinds typically have holes to change its length and uses only the lowest three vibratory modes of the pipe, so enough holes have to be provided to fill in notes for an octave or more.

But unlike a flute which depends on its holes for the resulting pitches or frequencies, horn is one most basic pipe instrument without fingerholes. Bone flutes are unique flutes made from Griffon vulture with a V shaped mouthpiece, discovered in Germany.

Archaeologically, flutes are one of the oldest surviving instruments. All later wind instruments are just more complex and technological advancements of the basic flute. Some of the improved modern flutes are alto flutes, big bass flute and contra- bass flute.

Well, Cornets are also basically flutes but more of a combination of a flute and a horn. In earlier times, the cornet’s shape was fairly straight, with only a slight kink but the modern cornets have probably been upgraded to what we call a trumpet. Modern versions of the cornet which originated in the 1800s has valves and are known as bugle. While the serpent is one exotic kind of woodwind build for bass.

The didgeridoo is another sort of flute which originates in Australia. Aka yikadi, the instrument has a considerably long pipe. With regard to maintenance of wooden horns or pipes, it is a delicate matter, as they relate to artifacts kept in museums.

Brass instruments have pipe length bodies which are manipulated by adding sections using valves and the fundamental mode of vibration is not used at all, so enough valves are required instead of holes. The instrument makes a drastic modification in the sound produced because much of its timbre is attributed to the bell. If things seem a little too obscure, you might want to check out some acoustic music.

Clarinets, trumpets, trombones, euphoniums, tubas and a good range of brass wind instruments make the list. You will find more varieties with improvements in different countries and regions.

There are non-pipe wind instruments as well. The harmonica and accordion are the primary ones. Though not a pipe instrument, a harmonica basically functions like one. Air pumped into a reservoir (more like a bag in a bagpiper) which generates pressure and sound is produced as the reeds resonates when air flows aver them. Accordions also have reeds that sound into a simple resonator and therefore have no control of the pitch.

Most percussions, struck string, and plucked string instruments, energy is delivered to the primary vibrator and so has little control over the vibration. But in the case of wind instruments, there is a continuous flow of energy which can be controlled by feedback from the vibrating system. For example, in reed and brass woodwinds, pressure feedback closes or opens the input valve. Also in flutes, the input valve is controlled by flow.

Beginners Guitar Buying Guides- What to Look For

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If you are new to playing a guitar, or if you are buying a guitar as a gift for your friend or children, chances are you have little or no knowledge about guitar. Buying a new guitar might sound exiting and you might look forward to it. But mind you, if you step inside any guitar store dumbly, you will lose your head. As you step inside a guitar store, you will see hundreds of guitars of different design from different brand, hanging on the walls and ceiling. Chances are, you might end up buying the model that looks very attractive, but the one that produces poor sound and which is not comfortable while playing. So, read on, and get some basic important information that will help you choose a guitar confidently. While buying a guitar, it is always a good idea to include guitar accessories on your shopping list.


Before heading to the store, make it clear in your head: how you will use it and for what purpose you are buying it. How much money you will spend and the types of guitar you will buy may depend on that decision. For example, a person who just started playing and is under the process of learning may not need those costly professional guitars. A below $100 models may perfectly serve for such purposes. Also, for personal use at home, a simple acoustic guitar is just fine, while for playing at crowded place or at stage, you will need an acoustic guitar with plug in or an electric guitar. So, it is very important to decide on how you are going to use and for what purpose you are buying it beforehand.

Buying Different Types of Guitar and What to Look for

For your easy understanding, guitar can be classified in three different types- simple acoustic guitar, acoustic-electric guitar and electric guitar. Below are further explanation of these three different types of guitar and what to look for while buying them.

Simple Acoustic Guitar

Acoustic guitars are the common one that most of us used. They are bulky and big in size and can produce their own original sound without the need of plugging in to electronic source. A simple acoustic guitar under $100 will be the best choice for starters or learners. High end professional acoustic guitar are very costly and are generally used by musicians of classical, blues and country genres, and will result in better audio sound when you listen to music through your home audio speakers.

acoustic guitarThe body of an acoustic guitar is the hollow chamber where the sound is mainly produced. The size and shape of the body may vary. Choose the one that you are more comfortable with. A larger body or soundboard may produce deeper and louder sound. For best sound judgment, play the guitar and choose the one that best suits your ear.

The different types of wood used in acoustic guitar will impact greatly on the sound. Acoustic guitars built by using expensive tonewoods such as cedar, rosewood, ebony, koa, etc, produce better tone and are smoother while playing. The body made of solid wood will produce richer and deeper sound.

The neck is the long thinner part of the guitar that supports the fingerboards and the headstock at the far end where the strings are attached to tuners. The neck has a metal truss rod inside to prevent the neck from twisting. You can adjust the truss rod and correct any intonation issue.

For beginners and starters, models such as FG7005S Folk Acoustic Guitar from Yamaha, Taylor GS Mini-E RW Natural, etc. are the best choices available.

Acoustic-Electric Guitar

This is an upgraded version of the simple acoustic guitar. Everything is almost same with the above mentioned simple acoustic guitar; the only difference being it uses preamp pickup sound system to produce electronic sound. Thus, acoustic-electric guitar is capable of producing sound from its own source as well as by using electronic plug-in. This kind of model may be more useful if you intend to play in front of big audience frequently. Acoustic electric guitars are available in different design and at different price. Epiphone Dove Pro Acoustic-Electric Guitar is a good example of acoustic-electric guitar.

Basic Electric Guitar

electric-guitarsAs the name suggest, electric guitar cannot be played on its own. It cannot produce sound unless it is plugged in to electronic amplifiers. So, you will need a cable to plug in and an amplifier to play an electric guitar. This type of guitar is mostly used by professionals and musicians for recording purposes, concerts, etc. It is also different from acoustic guitar in shape and size. It is small and slim and will feature one, two, three or more pickup on its body. When plugged in and connected to amplifier, it can create plenty of sounds through electronic distortion, which an acoustic guitar cannot do. For beginners, electric guitar like Epiphone Les Paul 100, ESP LTD LMH100QMNT, etc. are the reliable choices.

Which type to choose is not that important because you can choose any one of it that suits your style and you are more comfortable with. You can start with simple acoustic guitar and then after a while, upgrade to acoustic-electric guitar or Electric guitar. However, for starters, a simple acoustic guitar between $100 to $300 is the best bet.

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Glossy Polk Audio 705M Speakers with Dynamic Sound

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Welcome to the world of Polk audio music for the listening experience of good quality music, which you would not find in others for this price range. The dynamic sound you get out of this speaker is simply amazing. It is not just the quality of sound, but the glossy look it sports is even better. Apart from musical instruments and musical gadgets, your home should have this audio system if you are an audiophle.


Technical Details of Polk Audio Speaker at a Glance

Features Details
Brand Polk Audio
Color Midnight Mahogany
Model LSiM 705MM
Connectivity Wired
Impedance 8 Ohms
Frequency 22 Hz to 40,000Hz
Height 129.06cm
Width 24.13cm
Depth 46.83cm

Polk audio has an exclusive sonic engine design for superior performance and better sound quality. The extended linear motion of the speaker enables extension of high and low frequency response. For a uniform performance of the sound at both high and low volume, the manufacturer has optimized the speaker with Klippel motor.

The Polk audio’s patented Dynamic Balance Technology will not allow any form of music to have distortions and therefore, you will not hear any distortions in sound.

The material of the cone is cell aerated with polypropylene for lightweight so that it maintains balance to avoid distortions at the highest and the lowest volumes. It resists moisture, UV rays and extremes of temperature.

What You Can Do With Polk Audio Speaker

This speaker is definitely the best for holding wild parties or weekend parties because it is not only loud but it produces crystal clear sound. The bass is deep and so once you start playing music even at mid volume, you will hear the thumbing bass pounding in your chest.

This speaker really serves the purpose for a home theater. When you keep the volume at low or mid level, you can hear clear dialogues of TV shows and movies. At the same time, you can listen to soft music while you relax.

You will never feel lonely when you start playing music with this speaker. Most interestingly, watching horror movies by plugging in to your amplifier thrills us because of the sudden explosion of sound as if everything is happening right there in the room. This speaker is the right candidate for such activities too.

Why You Should Buy This Speaker

This speaker is perhaps one of the best speakers that offer pleasing sound for your listening experience. It is worth the price for the features it gives. The engineers of Polk audio are presenting you its best at an affordable price.

The glossy finish of this speaker not only enhances your living room but also fill it with soothing music to please you when you are alone.

The technology involved in this speaker to deliver the best quality of sound is worth buying for the price. If you want to invest for a high-end speaker, you may check out for Zu Essence Speaker, which will cost you $3600. It is a very good speaker with wonderful features. Most of all, it is a very good speaker in terms of looks, workmanship, sound quality, and price and so it is definitely a good buy for you.